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What to Pack: City Weekend Getaway

In this blog post, Olivia + Laura share the outfits they're packing for a small city weekend getaway.

As summer is wrapping up, everyone is preparing for their last getaways before autumn arrives. Also, because of COVID restrictions, many of us are taking trips closer to home and enjoying what our province or country has to offer. In that case, your baggage might look different so, we are here to remind you about all the things you need to pack.


The Clothes

Not to be extra, but fire outfits are one of the most crucial parts of a trip. You're bound to take pictures while venturing around, so you want to look your best for the occasion. We suggest pre-planning your outfits to avoid confusion and to ensure you have everything needed for your trip. Check out the outfits we put together for you.

Whether its an airplane ride or a car ride, you need to be comfortable while travelling to your destination. That doesn't mean you have to compromise on looking cute. Stores like Zara, Artizia, Dynamite and H&M have stylish sweatsuits or matching sets that a perfect for the ride.

When strolling around during your getaway, be sure to pack practical outfits, and that includes footwear. Sneakers look good with almost everything, even dresses! Also, check the weather before you leave and be sure to carry a versatile bag with you. You will be walking around a lot and don't want to travel with a heavy purse.

This is still a vacation so, when dining, in the evening you should still look hot! Keep in mind that the weather does get chilly at night in some cities, so something long-sleeved may work best!

The Essentials

Before zipping up your baggage, make sure to include the essentials you will need on your trip.

I know this is obvious to some but if you're spending a night away from home you'll need pyjamas.

Undergarments like underwear, socks, and a bra are also a must. While packing, make sure you bring the right ones to go with your outfits. By that we mean, don't forget the strapless bra or beige underwear. Just in case, maybe pack a swimsuit, especially if your hotel has a pool or is near the water. Lastly, bring a sweater! The weather changes unexpectedly so, be sure to bring a sweatshirt— you will 100% wear it sometime during your trip.

P.S. Always pack extra socks and underwear.

We've both been on trips where we, or the people we were travelling with, forgot underwear and, that wasn't too fun.

The Extras

These "extras" are always the things people seem to forget to pack. Before you leave, check to see if you have the following items.

First off we have toiletries and that includes skincare, dental products and the always forgotten SPF. Next there is period products because it is better to be safe, than sorry and searching for a pharmacy. Lastly, don't forget the medication! Products like Advil or Tylenol, Midol, Allergy medicine and prescription medications can be forgotten but you may need them.

The Ride

The ride there might be long and, along with a comfortable outfit, you will need certain things during your car ride to make it enjoyable. For napping, a blanket and neck pillow are a must. Next, be sure to have headphones and a phone charger to keep the entertainment going. Lastly, pack some snacks! A road trip or airplane ride is nothing without a coffee to keep you awake and some snacks to share with friends.

Oh and, don't forget the Gravol! Motion sickness is a real thing, friends.


Thank you for reading this week's blog post! Now you have more insight on what we will be packing for our weekend getaway. Want to see more about our trip? Follow us on Instagram @oliviaandlaurablog and let us know if you want more trip content.

See you all next week.



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