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Men's Fall Outerwear Trends

In this blog post, Olivia + Laura share all the hottest men's outwear trends to keep you warm this season.

Boys, we've got another highly anticipated blog post for you! Fall fashion is your time to shine because the looks are easy to put together with staple pieces. Don't know what the pieces are or where to buy them? We've got you covered. Check out these 8 items we highly recommend in your closet this F/W season.


Bomber/Varsity Jackets

Bomber jackets are the most versatile piece of outerwear to own this season. These roomier jackets are perfect for layering with hoodies or knits when the weather get colder. If you're into a more street style look, opt for a varsity jacket which has the same fit as a bomber but a totally different vibe!

We recommend shopping second hand to find the perfect vintage varsity jacket.

Find yours at:

Fleece Lined Jackets

These jackets are perfect for that transitional season between fall and winter. Easy to dress up over a turtleneck or dress down with a hoodie!

Find your at:


Little disclaimer, we have hated cardigans for a while now but are finally starting to see the light with these funky oversized knits. THIS is the way to style a cardigan so steer away from the traditional too tight preppy boy look. If Harry Styles can do it so can you.

Find yours at:


If you are less of a cardigan guy, then the overshirt is for you. Match it with almost everything to achieve a put together look.

Find yours at:

Wool-Knit Hat

Stay hot and look hot with a wool hat. We suggest the wider fold ones without the saggy top. More Joe Pesci from Home Alone and less 2010 skater boy.

Find yours at:


For some reason most men don't wear boots, even despite the snow and cold. But everyone should have a good pair of boots that they can match with any casual or put-together outfit. Doc Martens, Blundstone boots or any simple combat boot is the way to go.

Find yours at:

Adidas Samba

A classic sneaker will never go out of fashion but this season we're highlighting the Adidas Samba trend that has taken over.

Find yours at:


Thank you for reading this week's blog post! Ladies, we hope you enjoyed sending it to the men in your life. Men, make sure to share with friends! Want to see more men's fashion and lifestyle posts? Let us know on @oliviaandlaurablog Instagram.

Fist bump,

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07. mai

This article provides a stylish rundown of men's fall outerwear trends, offering practical yet fashionable options to stay cozy and on-trend during the cooler months.

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