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Fall 2022 Trends We're Eyeing

In this blog post, Olivia + Laura share with you the biggest trends from everyone's favourite fashion season, fall!

Welp, this blog post means summer is coming to an end. We love summer dresses, summer heat and summer fun but fall does have it's perk and an appeal to fashion fiends. This #sweaterweather, is the moment we all wait for and although we hate to see the sunshine go, we love a good layering moment.

This Fall 2022 is bringing new trends to light while adding finesse to some trends we've already seen make an appearance. Curious to see what they are? Keep on reading.


Royal Blue

Last year's colour of the season was a stunningly bright emerald green however this fall, we're making way for different shades of bright royal blue! This shade of blue is going to be our pop of colour during the neutral-coloured months of fall.

Ballet Flats

We're channeling all the European fashion vibes this season starting with the ballet flats! As sandals season comes to an end, it’s not quite time to wear boots but ballet flats provide the perfect transitional piece. We predict these are going to become a new staple in our wardrobes.

Cotton Bomber Jackets

A men's cotton bomber jacket from Old Navy kick started this entire trend on TikTok. Since then, brands, such as Djerf Avenue, have launched their own version of the oversized cotton bomber that we simply cannot get enough of!

Cargo Pants

Just like most fashion trends, cargo pants are making their comeback! With sophisticated details, ultra-modern cuts, and a variety of gorgeous colours, the cargo pant has undergone a high-fashion makeover. Easy to dress up or down depending on the vibe you're going for!

Coastal Grandmother Takes on the Fall

Aside from having wine in hand at all time, the coastal grandmother is chic and the queen of layering. This trend swept Instagram this summer and has transitioned into fall with key staples like the half-zip chunky knit, a simple blouse underneath, mid-wash denim and beige or white pants.

Floor-Grazing Looks

Forget about hemming your clothes, Fall 2022 is calling for attire that skims the ground and ventures into the oversized aesthetic. This look works especially well with an effortless style pant and a classic trench coat.

Platform Shoes

Ah, platform shoes; a short girls dream. We saw this in the summer with the platform sandals and slip ons. For fall this trend is especially present in the boots selection, for example with lug sole boots. However, the platform runner always has a special place in our hearts.

Leather, Leather, Leather

If you didn't get the hint, leather is in this season (even more than it was last season). This time, we're talking leather everything including the jacket, pants, top, boots and bag! The whole leather head to toe might be fleeting in the coming years but we predict that the oversized leather jacket and the leather pants are here to stay!


As always thank you for reading this week's blog post! This is the post going up right before our second year anniversary-- so if you are one of our subscribed readers, thank you! And if you are new here, then stay along for the ride :)


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1 comentário

06 de out. de 2022

la mayoría de esas tendencias me gustan, excepto la del azul real, personalmente ese color no me parece bonito, igualmente gracias por las recomendaciones

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