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2020 Trends We're Bringing Into 2021

Fashion trends come and go but, in this blog post, Olivia + Laura share the 2020 trends that have made their way into the new year.


P.S all the looks featured today are created and heavily inspired by the amazing fashion influencers of IG! Be sure to give them all a follow.

Without further ado, here are the 2020 trends that you will see all over 2021.

Pastel & Sorbet Tones

Pastel and sorbet tones made their appearance in the summer of 2020 and, we will see them again this S/S 2021. Keep an eye out for the baby blues, lavenders, sage greens, and light pink outfit that will take over street style this year. Don't want to take our word for it? Check out the newest arrivals on Zara or H&M and the collections that are to come.


The Atheltic-Casual (aka athleisure) is one of our favorite trends because it elevates any casual outfit. Just add a coat on top of a jogger set or a pair of mom jeans, and you'll look like a bad b*itch. We are sure this look was inspired by the WFH situation we are living in, but if there is one thing we want to remember from 2020 it is this trend.

All-White Look

The year 2021 is about breaking rules, and we are breaking the no white after labor day rule. As seen by @sophiesuchan and many other fashionable women, white CAN be worn all year long. An even better reason to style a similar look is that all-white looks so elegant against a winter background.

Note: The shades of cream and beige are included in this trend as well.

______________Click the arrow to see the slideshow of all-white looks________________

Wide-Leg Pants

We saw this trend take off early in 2020 but, it is one that is here to stay for a while! Our younger selves would be screaming in fear if they saw the wide-leg pant trend revived. When we were younger, skinny fit jeans and pants were what the cool girls were wearing. Now all the cool girls are wearing wide-leg pants! Oh, how the tables have turned.

Bralettes and Corsets

Corsets are the newest viral fashion trend on TikTok and we are here for it! They are so good at shaping your waist and making your boobs look AMAZING (even the itty bitty titty club — trust us)! Wear them on their own or layered on top of a button up a shirt for a more modest look. These corsets are giving us major Bridgerton vibes and we’re loving it!

Bralettes and small crop tops are our favourite when styled over a baggy pair of high waisted trousers. See the Instagram babes below for some inspo!

Sneakers With Everything

Sneakers have to be one of our all time favourite pair of shoes to wear and style. They match with practically everything and obviously, they’re comfy as hell. Another Inauguration Day mention is Maisy Biden who rocked a pair of Nike Air Jordan 1 with a navy pantsuit.

You can never go wrong with a classic white sneaker. We personally love our low-rise platform Converse but slide through these to find a pair that fits your style the best!


Everyone and their mother has seen the stunning Inauguration Day monochrome outfits. Safe to say, we’re obsessed. Monochrome is commonly misinterpreted as wearing the same shade one colour however, you can get as creative as you want with it! Have fun mix and matching shades of a colour or hue to make the perfect monochrome outfit like these ones below.

This was such an iconic moment in history and fashion.

We cannot wait for spring to mix the pastel tones trend with this monochrome trends! Make sure to follow us on Instagram (@lauradelgrossoo + @oliviafuscoo) to see it happened.

Sporty Headbands

This is a trend we would love to keep around and see more of! 2020 was the year of normalizing loungewear and comfy clothes in public. With that came these sporty headbands! Perfect for any workout to keep your hair back or just for fashion with a cute sporty set. They are every at the moment so if you’re on the hunt for some of these headbands, we suggest checking out Amazon, any sporting goods store.

Face Masks

Face masks have become our new reality, we never leave the house without them. So why not make it a fashion statement? There are so many different patterns, styles and materials to choose from! One way to still look fashionable while wearing a mask is matching it to your outfit! Another way to elevate your mask is accessorizing with a mask chain. Practical and stylish!

We are constantly encouraging mask wearing in public places, please keep yourself (and others around you) safe by wearing one. Make sure it is worn correctly, covering both your mouth and your nose.

Bubble Ponytail

We've said this once, and we'll say this again-- nothing really ever goes out of style. That goes for hair trends that we saw growing in 2020. When we were in elementary school, the bubble pony was a LOOK. Now, more than a decade later, this trend has come back and, we're not complaining about it. It is so fun and transforms a simple ponytail look with only a few hair ties!


Thank you for reading this week's blog post! We hope that you loved reading it as much as we loved putting it together.

As always, if you enjoyed this post, leave us a like, share it on social media and tell your friends about it! Also, if there is anything you'd like to see in a future blog post, just let us know @oliviafuscoo and @lauradelgrossoo.

See you next week!


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Katherine Perrone
Katherine Perrone
28 ene 2021

okay i’m defs wearing all these looks this year!! especially the pastels & monochrome looks — so effortlessly chic 🤩

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