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The Trending Fall Nail Colours for 2023

In this blog post, Olivia + Laura share all the trending fall nail colours to show your nail tech this upcoming season.

Our most popular blog posts to date have always been nail trends — click here to read! Since they are such a hit, I try to bring them back every season with latest nail trends.

As I have said time and time again, nails truly are an accessory! Most people match their nails to the season or an upcoming event and I am no exception. September 21st is the start of all things fall, including fall-inspired nails! It's a season where the color palette shifts from sun-kissed pastels to earthy tones and deep burgundies that mirror the change outside.

Whether you're looking for inspiration, craving a fresh look, or simply curious about the latest nail trends, this guide to the hottest nail colors of 2023 will leave you itching to make a nail appointment ASAP.


Dark Cherry Red

As we've been seeing all over TikTok, dark cherry nails are the hottest nail trend this fall. While I love neutrals for fall (keep scrolling for that), I am loving the prominence of red this fall, even in the fashion! It truly is the colour of the season.

Navy Blue

We're transitioning from the blueberry milk nails from this summer to navy blue nails for the fall. I am especially loving this colour for fall.

Deep Plum

In case you haven't yet noticed, we're bringing back colour to the fall. This deep plum purple is perfect for this season!

Shades of Brown

These are nail colours that will never not be trending in fall. Switch it up this year by adding a layer of chrome to them!

Nude/Milky Nails

If the dark fall colours aren't for you, fear not! Another nail colour that will never go out of style, nude milky nails. Although not specific to fall, they are neutral to match with any and all outfits! My favourite nude is the classic Funny Bunny by OPI and Lisbon Wants Moor by OPI.


Thank you for reading this week's blog post! If you have taken any inspiration from this post, show us on Instagram by tagging us — I'd love to see it!


Laura from Olivia + Laura


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