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Spring 2021 Nail Trends

In this blog post, Olivia + Laura share the hottest nail trends happening in 2021.

We love having cool nails because it is the perfect way to express ourselves without making any serious commitments. So, if you like following the hottest nail trends, then this blog post is for you! Read on and screenshot your faves to show your nail tech.



These are some of the hottest colours of the season. Use this colour palette as inspo to show your nail tech at your next nail appointment. We made sure to find the colours of known brands, like Bio Seaweed Gel and CND, and the names of the polishes! Thank us later!


Solid Colours (mostly greens + pastels)

There's nothing wrong with trying solid colours— we do it all the time. However, try mixing multiple colours to get a cool-girl feel. No nail salon required.

Abstract Lines

This has to be our favourite trend because it is so simple yet artsy

Asymmetric French Tips

Move over 2020 french tips! We love you but, sometimes we need to spice up our lives a little bit and, this asymmetric design allows for just that.

Coloured French Tips

OK, we lied. French tips can stay only if they are super colourful like these. With Easter just around the corner, check out these Cadbury mini-egg-inspired nails.

Flowers & Floral

Although the weather doesn't always feel like it, spring is upon us! Let's speed things up a bit and bring in the May flowers earlier than usual with this floral nail trend.


Thank you for reading this week's Olivia + Laura post! We hope you enjoyed it and share it with your friends. If this post gave you nail inspo please tag us @oliviafuscoo and @lauradelgrossoo so we can see! Also, if you made it this far into the post we have a spoiler alert for you...

Keep an eye out on Instragram. Something is in the making ;)


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1 Comment

Katherine Perrone
Katherine Perrone
Mar 04, 2021

I have abstract line nails now and i’m in LOVE!!

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