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The 333 Packing Method: How to Travel Light

In this blog post, Olivia + Laura share the most efficient way to pack a carry on.

Traveling light doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style or options. The 333 packing method is a simple yet effective way to pack efficiently for your trips. This method involves selecting just three tops, three bottoms, and three pairs of shoes/accessories to create a variety of outfit combinations, resulting in more than a dozen looks that easily fit into your carry-on luggage.

How Does the 333 Packing Method Work?

The 333 packing method simplifies packing by focusing on 9 items!

  1. Three Tops: Choose three tops that can be mixed and matched with different bottoms and shoes. Opt for versatile options like blouses, shirts, or T-shirts that can transition from casual to more formal settings.

  2. Three Bottoms: Select three bottoms such as pants, skirts, or shorts that complement your tops and can be worn interchangeably. Consider comfort, style, and versatility when choosing these pieces.

  3. Three Pairs of Shoes/Accessories: Pick three pairs of shoes that are suitable for your activities and the climate of your destination. This could include sneakers for walking tours, sandals for beach days, and dress shoes for evenings out. I usually stick to 2 pairs of shoes and a bigger accessory such as a handbag.

Tips for Implementing the 333 Packing Method

Choose Wisely: Select tops, bottoms, and shoes that can be easily mixed and matched to create cohesive outfits.

Consider Layers: Pack versatile layers like jackets or cardigans that can be added or removed depending on the weather.

Accessorize: Use accessories like scarves, belts, and jewelry to add variety and personality to your outfits without taking up much space.

Maximize Space: Utilize packing cubes or compression bags to organize and compact your clothing items, maximizing space in your luggage.

Practice Makes Perfect: Before your trip, experiment with different outfit combinations to ensure you’re comfortable with the options you’ve chosen.

Despite the limited number of items, the 333 method allows you to create numerous outfit combinations for various occasions. With this curated wardrobe, you can focus more on enjoying your trip and less on what to wear each day.

By focusing on just nine key items, you can create a wardrobe that meets your needs while minimizing the stress of packing and maximizing the enjoyment of your travels.

Happy packing!


Laura from Olivia + Laura


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