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How to Make a Vision Board

In today's blog post, Olivia + Laura show you how to manifest all your 2021 goals and dreams with a vision board. Read on to see how they work and how to make one yourself!


One thing that we would like to practice more of in 2021 is manifesting. We have begun this goal by creating vision boards for the coming year.

What is a Vision Board?

You have probably heard and seen so much about vision boards since the new year started but what are they? Vision boards are a collage of pictures, images and affirmations that represent your goals, dreams and intentions for the year. In simpler terms, it is a visual representation of your goals. They are used as a source of inspiration and motivation throughout the year.

How to Make a Vision Board?

These are the steps we followed to create our vision boards. Use these steps as a guide to create your own.

1. Write down your goals and dreams for 2021

Think about personal goals, professional goals, long-term goals, etc.

2. Scour Pinterest for pictures that represent your goals and dreams from step 1

We know that finding pictures on Pinterest can sometimes be overwhelming which is why we created Pinterest boards (seperated by colour) that have aesthetic pictures, quotes and affirmations that might resonate with you and your goals. (Pinterest: @oliviaandlaura)

3. Pick a colour theme

This is optional but it will definetly make your vision board more cohesive!

4. Download all the pictures you found and upload them to the platform of your choice

We used Canva to create our vision boards but Powerpoint and Google Slides work just as good, whichever you are most comfortable with! If you plan on using Canva, we suggest using the "Desktop Wallpaper" size.

5. Place the pictures as you wish while filling the gaps with quotes and affirmations you love

There is no particular order to place your pictures. Wherever you feel they fit is where they belong.

6. Save and set as your desktop wallpaper!

A trick that we learned from saving it as our desktops is to set it as "fit to screen" and change the background colour to match your vision board. This way, nothing is cut off and we can see everything!

Every vision board will be different since we all have different dreams and goals for 2021 but you may use these to inspire you.


Thank you for reading this week's article-- we hope you enjoyed it! If you have any questions about vision boards or want to know more details about our 2021 manifestations, feel free to message us @oliviafuscoo and @lauradelgrossoo.

And remember, just because we are 14 days into this year doesn't mean you have to wait for the next one to initiate change. You have the power to manifest and get what you want TODAY!

See you next week :)


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1 Comment

Katherine Perrone
Katherine Perrone
Jan 14, 2021

i loved it!! i’m definitely going to continue making vision boards ✨

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