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Your Questions Answered

Olivia and Laura discuss some of your frequently asked questions while tackling what it means to be an influencer.

Welcome to Olivia + Laura and for those who have been here already, it’s delightful seeing you again. After launching our blog, we received multiple questions on what this project is, so we have compiled a list of answers for all our readers.

What is Olivia + Laura?

This blog is a reflection of all the things we love the most which include fashion, skincare, food, and whatever else we would be talking about on girl’s night. Hence, this website is not a vlog channel where we post weekly videos or a podcast where we discuss what is on our minds; this is a blog where we write about what interests us—like the olden days. So, stay tuned for what’s to come, and feel free to leave us suggestions on what you’d like to see on this blog.

Why a blog?

Chiara Ferragni is the biggest fashion influencer in the world, and she built her empire through a blog named The Blonde Salad. As a result of her blog, @chiaraferragni has more than 20 million Instagram followers and travels the world while modeling for brands like Lancôme and gracing the covers of several international fashion magazines. As a testament to her fame, Dior handcrafted two haute couture dresses for her wedding, and Vogue Magazine covered her wedding. Freakin Vogue!

Additionally, two of our favorite influencers @nitsanraiter and @emmaleger launched their careers through blogs and have now been invited to New York Fashion Week events. Not only have they created their own hashtags like #PFG and sayings like stunning queen but they are also the epitome of who we want to be!

What does it mean to be an Influencer?

Let’s be honest, there is a negative connotation surrounding the term influencer. As aspiring fashion influencers, we have heard the snarky remarks and the giggles that come up when we tell people that's what we want to be. But it is time to get over this whole idea that all influencers do is snap pictures and post them on Instagram.

Yes, we take pictures to post on social media-- but there is so much more to consider.

Influencer culture is new, so, understandably, most people don’t understand it (doesn't mean you have to judge it).

So, here’s the definition of an influencer according to Olivia and Laura.

“An influencer is like an exhibit curator. They have to assemble a selection of pictures to create an art display that follows a theme where all the pieces coordinate effortlessly. However, in this new technology-centered 21st century, the exhibit is an Instagram feed. Influencers create an aesthetic for themselves. They become a brand where they share their passion. It’s not just about posting pictures on your Instagram to get the greatest number of likes.”

“For myself, an influencer is a content creator. It is someone who is able to curate a feed based on the aesthetic they have created for themselves. Their Instagram feeds are a place to share their passions and interests with their followers. An influencer is a visionary who has creative mind and is able to bring their visions to life through pictures on their Instagram feed. ”

Hopefully, this article clears up some of the questions you have. This blog is a reflection of who we, Olivia and Laura, are as people. Through this blog, we are attempting to build a brand for ourselves and grow a supportive following along the way. You can help us out with that. Tell your friends and family to read our blog and follow our social media.

Momma always said to dream big, so here we are!



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