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Winter 2022 Outerwear Trends

In this. blog post, Olivia + Laura share the outerwear you need to stay warm and look cute this winter.

Winter has merely begun, and we are over it! Unfortunately, the cold AF weather is here to stay a little longer and, instead of staying indoors, we've decided to brave the cold with 2022's hottest winter must-haves (did you catch the pun?)

Check out these winter outerwear essentials you actually need to beat the cold.


Ultra Mini Uggs

To whoever said Uggs are cheugy, we bet you regret saying that right now. Living in a cold climate for six months of the year, we love Uggs for their practicality and comfort (maybe a little less for the price). So we are so happy to see that the Classic Ultra Mini Uggs are here in 2022.

Plaid Knit Scarf

It is COLD outside, but that doesn't mean we have to spare looking good for some warmth. Cue the knit scarf. The huge blanket scarf has been around for some time now and, we can guarantee it'll stay awhile. We especially love the plaid Acne Studios scarf (retail price 300$), but if you're looking for something more affordable, this Oak + Fort option is the next best thing.


You've probably seen this trend all over Instagram and fashion TikTok. A balaclava is a perfect face and head covering for those cold winter days. It also constitutes as a cross between a ski mask and a fashion statement.

Writer's Note: Although we agree it's practical for winter, it's important to mention that this fashion statement is a lifestyle for many religious women who cover their hair with a similar-looking article of clothing. Wearing a balaclava (or a head covering) is not disrespectful. But, it's important to mention that something we can take off and put on as a fashion statement is something women across the globe are shammed for.

Puffer Mittens

If you thought the puffer jacket was cute, then you'll be happy to hear that the puffer mittens have arrived on the scene. These poofy gloves are perfect for all types of winter activities and will add that extra touch to your winter ensemble. Check out these ones from H&M (P.S. Olivia has them in lilac)

Ear Muffs

The newest winter fashion trend you’ll want to get behind in 2022 are ear muffs. Keep your ears warm while looking cute and stylish! Yet another Y2K fashion trend making its way into 2022 and we’re not mad about it.


Truly, the perfect accessory made for layering. Knit collars not only add a layer of warmth but style too. No need to commit to an entire knit top when you can settle for a knit collar! Style over a white button-up shirt or under an oversized sweatshirt. Check out this style from H&M.

Shearling Jacket

A new winter basic you need in your closet ASAP. The perfect combination of cozy and chic. Shearling is nothing new but it has become very popular in recent months, from jackets to purses even! Add texture to your winter style with shearling jackets like this one from H&M. Or this aviator-style from Dynamite.

Padded Boots

As we know, puffer everything is trending right now, even boots! This trend all began when bloggers and influencers started wearing Moon Boots. These oversized padded Moon Boots are making a comeback in 2022 much like other Y2K fashion trends. You’ll want to get your hands on them before the snow is gone!


As always, thank you for reading this week's blog post! If you loved it follow us @oliviaandlaurablog to see more content. And, if you didn't like it, still follow us!

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