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What to Do: Quebec City Getaway

Are you planning a weekend getaway to Quebec City? Well, in this blog post, Olivia+Laura share with you everything you need to do while visiting this beautiful city.

If you follow us on Instagram, you will know that we visited Quebec City this summer and had a blast! Not only were we celebrating our one year in a European-inspired city with our friends, but we were also surrounded by tasty food and scenic views. Check out our Instagram highlights as proof (@oliviafuscoo & @lauradelgrossoo)

We planned the perfect getaway for anyone to experience what the city has to offer. If you were looking for a sign to visit Quebec City, this is it.


Where to Eat:

Le Hobbit

If you are a brunch lover, then Le Hobbit is for you. This quaint restaurant serves some of the best breakfast I've ever had and is the cutest spot for some Instagram pictures. Need help choosing a meal? Try Les Bénes for some mouthwatering eggs benedict.

Bō Cuisine D'Asie

If you are looking for a fine dining experience, is it (this is moist toilettes to wash your hand's fine dining). This restaurant is definitely on the costlier side but, the food is delicious, especially the Mandu Bao Buns.

Don Vegan Restaurant

The vibes and the food at Don Vegan are exquisite. This place had some of the best food we've ever tasted and, surprisingly enough, it was vegan! We both tried the spaghetti carbonada (a take on spaghetti carbonara) and, it was chef's kiss. Be sure to get a picture with their mural before you leave, as our beautiful Olivia did ; )

Café Smith

You can't go wrong with coffee and croissants. But, Smith Café definitely did something right when they created their coffee shop. We are Quebecers and, we have never seen croissants and chocolatines that fluffy! Stopping by for breakfast? Try the Croque Monsieur sandwich.

Ristorate Il Teatro

Quebec City already gives off European vibes, but Il Teatro will transport you to Italy with their Italian theatre-inspired restaurant. And let us tell you, it looks even prettier at night.

Snack Bar Saint-Jean

When you visit Snack Bar St.Jean, get the poutine!!! Quebec is known for its squeaky cheese curds but, these were the squeakiest curds we've ever tasted in our lives! We still dream about them. While you're there, be sure to try a hotdog or their bacon grilled cheese.

Le Cochon Dingue

At Cochon Dingue, you can expect to eat elevated Quebec cuisine. Check out their breakfast menu for a new take on classics, like french toast and bacon poutine-- when in Quebec.

Creperie & Cie 5.0

The perfect snack in Quebec city is at Creperie & Cie 5.0, where they serve waffles and crepes in a cone all day long! They have a selection of sweet and savoury flavours to choose from, but we went with the secret menu option, cinnamon and sugar.

As you can tell, Laura loves her crepe and so will you!

**while you are there, be sure to check out St.Jean street for other great places to eat**

What to Do:

Quebec City to Levis Ferry

We overheard the receptionist at our hotel mention that the ferry from Quebec City to Levis was a must. We booked the 7pm ferry — just in time for sunset. The views of the city were absolutely spectacular especially with the pretty pink sunset as the backdrop. It is just a short ten-minute trip across the water but so worth it! It was truly one of our favourite parts of the trip.

Picnic at Les Plaines D'Abraham

Take a break from hustle and bustle of the city and have a picnic on the Plaines of Abraham. Another very historical site in the city with amazing views. Takeout from any of the amazing restaurants near by and set up under a beautiful tree!

Old Quebec Discovery Game by Questo

This Old Quebec Discovery Game was a perfect way to hit all the landmarks without realizing! It was a great way for us to familiarize ourselves with Old Quebec and how to get around. We had a great time trying to solve the clues and we even split it across three days. An inexpensive version of a walking tour!

Old Quebec Bus Tour

Double decker buses are the true tourist experience! In a quick, one-hour express bus tour, you will get an amazing introduction to this European-inspired city! Click here to book yours!

What to See:

Chateau Frontenac

There is so much history to be found in Quebec City, starting with the Fairmont Chateau Frotenac. Built in 1893, this grand hotel can be found in the heart of old Quebec and boasts amazing views. Connected is Terrace Dufferin, another amazing landmark to see the Chateau from.

Umbrella Alley (Rue du Cul-de-Sac)

You might have seen pictures of quaint little street filled with hanging umbrellas. Make sure to visit the city in warmer months to be able to see these umbrellas! There is also a fantastic view of Chateau Frontenac from the street!

Place Royale

This picturesque cobblestoned square is where Quebec City was founded. The streets are lined with little shops and cafes — as well as a stone church from the 17th century. A very touristy location but a must see. There is also another La Maison Smith location in Place Royale!

Petit Champlain

Walk the cobblestoned pedestrian streets of Old Quebec for a full European-esque experience. The cutest area to walk around, grab a crepe in a cone and snap some pictures for the IG ;)


Thank you for reading this week's blog post! In the meantime, if you want to see more of us on the daily be sure to follow our personal accounts and our blog account @oliviaandlaurablog.

Au revoir mes amis (that's french for Until next time, my friends)



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