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Valentine's Day Gift Guide

In this blog post, Olivia + Laura share with you a valentines gift guide perfect for any significant other.

If you are reading this, it means you have a Valentine— congratulations on that! In that case, you will need some gifts for your boo thang, baby, or whatever term of endearment you call them. On this day, you want to make the person you love feel special so look no further for a list of gift ideas at all different price points.



Personalized Jewelry

Jewelry is one of the most gifted items on Valentine's day and, we understand why! A bracelet or necklace is such a sentimental gift that your person can wear every single day. But this year, why not think outside the box and opt for something personalized. Look for an engraved necklace or initial pendant bracelet, and your boo will love you for sure! Brands like Mejuri, PD PAOLA and Pilgrim have some great options.

Tip: Buy your initial, instead of theirs, for your significant other! That way, the gift will be more intimate and, they can be reminded of you all day long.

Date Night (or Day)

TikTok Food Date

This four-course meal challenge has been going all around TikTok! But, what is it? It consists of four courses: drinks, appetizer, entrée and lastly, dessert. Each round starts with a match of Rock Paper Scissors and the winner gets to choose the restaurant/food they want! With indoor seating being closed in certain areas, you can enjoy the food and your partner's company from the comfort of your car. While you're at it, make a TikTok! Here is one for reference!

Spa Day

If spas are not open in your area like us, plan your spa day (or night) at home! Start by creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere, dim the lights, light some candles and play some calming spa music. Remember that no spa day would be complete without matching robes and slippers! Customize your spa day (or night) to fit your wishes and needs, you have full control in your at-home spa. Here's our at-home spa day mood board for inspiration!

Homemade Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are great because you can put a little bit of everything into one basket to make one larger gift. If you are not too sure what to get your significant other, this is what to get. They are also a great gift because you can use the items in the basket during your date night.

For example, if you gift a spa basket then you can transform Valentine's Day into a pampering night with the slippers, robes and, face masks from your basket.

Be sure to check out Pinterest for some other ideas.

Here are some ideas of baskets you can make:

  • Spa Basket (candles, face masks, robes)

  • Candy Basket

  • Men's Grooming Kit (clipper, aftershave, shaving cream)

  • Movie night basket (candy, chips, blanket, etc.)

Gifts from the Heart

Spotify Frame

We love personalized gifts and these Spotify frames are so cute and minimalist. Creations By Jen (@creationsbyjen_ on Instagram) creates these custom Spotify frames exactly how you want them! Choose your photo of choice and a song that means something to you and your significant other for the perfect gift.

Memory Jars

The best gifts are those that come from the heart. That is why we love these memory jars so much, handmade with love! They are super simple to make as well. Just grab a mason jar (decorate the outside if you wish) and fill it with your favourite memories, reasons you love them and anything else you want! Here are some memory jars we found that you could use as inspiration.

Book About Us

Just like the memory jars, a book or journal about your relationship is a super sweet handmade gift from the heart. Create a scrapbook or journal filled with all your favourite memories and photos of you and your lover. You can make it a timeline and start from the beginning or just make it random and fun! These are a great way to get creative with your gifts and show your partner how much they mean to you. We love this gift idea so much!

For Long Distance

A long-distance relationship is challenging, but it's even harder to be in one for Valentine's day. This may also be the case for many this year because of COVID and all of its restrictions. So we have found the perfect gift for this couple.

Firstly, these Brokestone Lamps are perfect for letting your bf or gf know you are thinking about them. Simply tap one lamp to light up another, no matter the distance.

Next, there is the Lovebox Messanger that sends notes to the person you love. Although we have this type of technology on our phones nowadays, nothing is more romantic than getting an "I love you" via this little brown box.

A card

There is no better way to express your love than by actually expressing your admiration on a piece of paper. With every single gift we give, we include a heartfelt card because sometimes a little message can go a long way. Etsy and other online retailers sell some funny (or punny) cards, so pick one up before the big day. Honestly, even a napkin does the job if you pour love into it.

P.S. All these cards are linked, so if you see one you like, buy it!


Thank you for reading this week's blog post! We hope you enjoyed it and got some inspo for your lover's v-day gift. Now, if you are single and also made it this far, don't worry, next week is for you ;)

See you then!


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1 Comment

Katherine Perrone
Katherine Perrone
Feb 04, 2021

Loved it!! I’m going to be doing the TikTik 4 course meal with my bf haha

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