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Things To Do in Quebec This Summer

In this blog post, Olivia + Laura share a ton of fun activities to do in Montreal and its surrounding areas.

According to our calculations, there are 10 weeks left of summer. That may seem like quite a bit, but true Montrealers know that once summer is over, it's OVER. So, we have to maximize our time in the sun outdoors before we coop ourselves back inside for the colder months. Want to do something but don't know what to do? Olivia + Laura have got you covered. Read on for some great summertime ideas.


Hit Up MTL Restaurants

The Montreal food scene is crazy because we have such a wide selection of cuisines to choose. Whether you're looking for a terrasse to hit up or want to grab a bite and explore the city, the city has something to offer you. If you are looking for a patio, check out this past article on O+L or follow these MTL food Instagram pages for all kinds of food inspo. (click on the photos to be directed to their Instagram page)

Go for a Hike

Here us out when we suggest going for a hike! Hikes are so fun to do with friends, significant others and family. Not only will you be able to get a great workout in, but you can also tan and show off in your best athletic set. If you want to stay in the city of Montreal, we suggest Mount Royal as the perfect spot to hike. The city view when you get to the summit is spectacular. If you are willing to drive a little more, Mount Sainte Hilaire, Mount Saint Bruno and Mount Sutton have amazing trails and views to make your day.

Jean Talon & Atwater Market

Montreal has some great outdoor markets that sell fresh locally grown produce and products. The Jean Talon market is located in Little Italy and bustling with people every weekend. Attwater Market is in the Saint-Henri borough of Montreal and is surrounded by food kiosks to grab a bite after shopping. Here, you will feel like a local and will have the privilege of trying out the best products in Quebec.

Just don't forget your reusable tote bag when you visit!

Botanical Gardens

Not sure what to do with your day off? Visit the Montreal Botanical Gardens. With a general admissions pass, you can visit the gardens and greenhouses all day! (from 9 am to 6 pm) Each garden has a theme but, the Japanese and Chinese gardens are our favourites. Visit the gardens to see for yourself and choose your favourite.

Beach Day

It's no surprise that Quebec is beachless. But we do have lakes that people transformed into beaches. Honestly, if you close your eyes, you can pretend you're in Cuba and enjoy the sunshine and fresh water as your sip an alcoholic beverage. Have we sold you yet? If so, check out Oka Beach, a little more than an hour away from Montreal.

If you're willing to drive a little longer we suggest Plage Champlain and Plage Kirkland in Venise-en-Quebec. These are the nicest beaches we've seen this close to Quebec.

Order of beaches: Oka, Champlain, Kirkland

Brunch in St. Sauveur

Saint Sauveur is a short hour drive away from the city and into the countryside. With stunning views on the drive up, you won’t regret this trip. Laura’s brunch recommendation is Saint Sauveur is Orange et Pamplemousse Bistro. A cute place for pictures and amazing brunch! End the day with a walk along Rue Principale where you can find more local restaurants and shops!

Bota Bota

Have a spa day with your girlfriends at Bota Bota this summer. Located in Old Port along the water, it has both a stunning view and ambience. The perfect way to treat yourself on a day off with a relaxing massage or dip in the hot tubs.

Piknic Electronik

Picnic Electronik is BACK every Saturday and Sunday this summer until October 10th with reservations! It’ll look a little different this year with assigned spots but you will still get the enjoy the great lineup! Check out their Instagram to see the lineup every weekend, you're sure to have a great time.

Have a Picnic

An actual picnic is a classic summer activity in Montreal. Grab your favourite take out or try something new and head to the nearest park! Some of our favourite picnic locations include Pointe Claire Village, Centre de la Nature and Lachine Canal near Atwater Market. Perfect spots to eat and take Instagram pictures!

Visit a Vineyard

There are so many cute vineyards to visit around Montreal. La Bullerie, Vignoble Rivière du Chêne and Vignoble La Grenouille — just to name a few. Spend the day with your girls friends having a picnic while wine tasting and snapping pics for Instagram! This would also make for a really cute date!

Take a Trip to Quebec City

When we think of vacation, many of us don't imagine ourselves unwinding in our own province. But what better time to explore your province than this year. Quebec City is the second most visited city in Canada this year and, that partially because of the European vibes it gives off. Not only will you get awesome pictures, but there are a bunch of sightseeing attractions like Chateau Frontenac, Les Plaines D'Abraham and Vieux-Quebec with quaint shops and great food.

Fun fact: we are visiting Quebec City this summer so, stay tuned for a blog post about that!


Thank you for reading this week's blog post (aka our summer bucket list). If you want to see us complete this list, be sure to follow us on Instagram @oliviaandlaurablog or our personals at @oliviafuscoo & @lauradelgrossoo.

Ciao for now!


Disclaimer: We did not take and do not own the pictures found in this week's blog post. if necessary, we can remove these photos at any time.


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