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Things To Do During The Holiday (COVID Edition)

In this post of the holiday series, Olivia + Laura share some COVID safe winter break activities that will make you finish off the year with some positive and heart-warming memories.

Celebrating the holidays amidst a pandemic sucks! We can't spend our time with friends and family like usual, and the options for activities are limited. But don't panic because Olivia + Laura have you covered by supplying a list of winter activities to occupy your time.

Movie Marathon

Since we can't go out, why not stay in and have a movie marathon day! You can stay in your pajamas or sweats all-day; this is the ultimate lazy day and requires little to no effort. Especially on those gloomy winter days, simply open Netflix and enjoy a Hallmark movie marathon, or whatever else makes you happy.


If you need inspiration for some films, here is a list:

  • Anything Nicolas Sparks (Dear John, The Choice, Safe Haven, The Lucky One, etc.)

  • Cheesy Christmas movies (The Holidate, The Princess Switch, A Christmas Prince, and Holiday in the Wild)

  • Movies to cry to (Clouds, Five Feet Apart, The Fault in our Stars, The Best of Me)

  • Sequels and Sagas (Twilight, Fifty Shades of Grey, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings)


Spa Day

A spa day is another stay at home activity that we partake in too often and have no regrets about. Take this day to pamper yourself and do all those things, like face masks, that require extra time. Even with our work from home situations, so many of us had no time to take a moment to ourselves. So, a spa day will allow you to do that. On this day, take an extra long shower, do a hair mask or exfoliate.

Pretend you're filming a Youtube video and take your viewers through your step-by-step skincare routine (as if you don't do that already).

Use this time to catch up with yourself. Or, ask a family member or someone in your bubble to join you! Enjoy these little things in life, and use this somewhat forced isolation to refresh and think about who you want to be in this new year. Repeat some of the mantras listed below to yourself. This year has been hard enough on all of us, so use this spa day to stop being so hard on yourself and do what gives you peace.

Zoom Powerpoint Night

If you are on TikTok, you know what this is. For those who don't know, this is a presentation night where each person has to create a slideshow arguing their opinion on the weirdest topics. Add some drinks to this equation and, you will have a night filled with laughter.

Some presentations include ideas like...

  • Which pets in ascending order are my favorite

  • The friend who is most likely to [fill in the blank]

  • Rating the public bathrooms I have used

  • The Disney princess that would have been popular in high school

As you can tell, these topics are random, and that the fun of the activity. Unfortunately, because of the circumstances, we can't be sharing these memories in person. However, with the magic of Zoom, you can screen share your PowerPoint while still seeing others' reactions!

We, Olivia + Laura, are planning on doing this on New Year's Eve with the girls and, we are so excited! You should give it a try too :)

Bake Something

We all took up so many different holidays during our first quarantine and for a lot of us, that hobby was baking. It is also such a great way to unwind during the holidays. Just turn on your favourite playlist and bake away!

Here are some ideas on what to bake (& what we’ve been baking):

Click on them to see the recipe!

Winter Sports

Nothing screams winter break more than winter sports in the mountains. Fortunately for the ski/snowboard lovers, Quebec is overcome with snow in the winter, and therefore an ideal spot for winter sports. Despite the new COVID restrictions, Quebec ski resorts are still open to skiers, snowboarders, and those who want to go tubbing.

Masks are required, and the resorts are operating at a reduced capacity but, that doesn't mean it is any less fun. This is also the perfect opportunity to snap a pic in your cute snowsuit for Instagram.

If you are looking to visit the mountains this break, places like St. Saveur, Mont. Tremblant or Morrin Heights are open and waiting for you. For more information, visit the Ski Resorts Quebec website, where you can find details regarding the ski resorts in your area, the lift fees, and the snow report for the mountain of your choice.


For all our skating lovers, there are many rinks, both indoor and outdoor, that will be open this holiday season. Rinks must follow COVID regulations set by the government, such as the amount of people allowed on the rink at once, but is still a great winter activity nonetheless. Some cute outdoor rinks, that are also free, are the rink at King George Park in Westmount, Beaver Lake and Centropolis (to name a few).

Remember to wear a mask and keep a 2 metre distance from other skaters!

Parc Jean Drapeau

This park is THE place for outdoor activities this winter. There is something for everyone! From, cross-country skiing to toboganning — they’ve got it all. All the activities offered are free and run all week long! The perfect place to spend the day outdoors with family and/or friends. Again, do not forgot to follow COVID-19 guidelines!

Click here to see all the dates and times for these activities!

Outdoor Light Exhibits

More and more of these outdoor light exhibits are popping up around Montreal and people are loving it! Great way to spend time with family and friends while staying safe!

Illumi in Laval has both a drive-through and walking experience allowing you to admire the lights and take pictures/videos as you go!

Lumin’Art in Vaudreuil-Dorion is a walk-through light exhibit decorated by 10 local artists. There is also a fire to warm up with on Friday and Saturday evenings. This illuminated walk through the park is totally free!


Thank you for reading this week's blog post! As always, we hope you enjoyed this blog post and are enjoying the 2020 holiday series. With this year coming to an end, we have a lot to think back on and, one of the best moments of 2020 was launching Olivia + Laura.

We could not do that without your support, so if you are reading this, thank you.

See you next week, loves.



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