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The Ultimate Gift Guide: Under 50$

On Day 3 of The Ultimate Gift Guide Series, Olivia + Laura share with you what to buy when you're looking for that last addition for a gift or are clueless all together on what to buy.

Unless you're a good gift giver, this part of holidays can be tough. Throw a Secret Santa or White Elephant game in the mix, and you are completely stumped. But we are here to share the best budget friendly stocking stuffers that anyone will love! And it gets even better, all gifts are at most 50$.

Move aside Bath & Body Works candle, you are no longer welcome in our stocking.

O+ ELF Tip:

Pick a theme & stick with it! We've created a few for you to pick from.


Tech Gifts

Home Gifts

Little Luxuries

On The Go

Wellness Gifts


Thank you for reading this gift guide blog post! Hopefully, it gave you an idea of what to gift this holiday season.

Until tomorrow!


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