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The Ultimate Gift Guide: Gifts That Give Back

On Day 5 of The Ultimate Gift Guide Series, Olivia + Laura share the gifts you can give to communities in need.

Let's face it, the holidays have become materialistic. The main focus is giving and receiving gifts, but that's not what the holidays should be about. Regardless of religious beliefs, the holidays give us a reason to see family, eat good food and make memories that will last a lifetime. The gifts also allow us to thank the people we love and show them we care by buying them something they want.

But, we want to remind you that not everyone is celebrating the holidays season the same way. Some might not be able to afford the luxury of gifts, or even a home cooked meal. Others might be struggling with health issues that keep them away from their families.

So, especially this holiday season, share some time or money to help those in our community who need it.

Don't know where to start? We've created a list of places to visit and activities to take part in to make someones holiday season brighter. Trust us, you'll feel good doing it too.


StrikeOut Cancer Fundraiser & Toy Drive

Strikeout Cancer x Francesco's Not-So-Slient Night fundraiser and toy drive is a festive night out benefiting cancer research and kids in need. 100% of all proceeds will be donated to the hematology department of the CHU Saint Justine. It is encouraged to bring at least one toy, all toys will be distributed to the Wish Children of the Strikeout Cancer Fund, in collaboration with the Make-A-Wish Quebec foundation.

Buy your tickets here for December 20th before they sell out!

The Shoebox Project

While this cause runs all year round, it is especially important during the holiday season to remind people in your community that you care. A virtual Shoebox is a fun and thoughtful experience of putting together a gift for a local woman in need who has been impacted by homelessness. Build a shoebox by selecting essential items for women (or choose an already curated one) to be send to women in need. Shoeboxes are typically valued at $50.

Create yours here!

Foster A Child Holiday Gifts

In collaboration with Batshaw Youth & Family Centres, Tania Raffaele is helping make wishes come true for foster children this holiday season. There are thousands of foster children ranging from just a few months to 17 years old waiting for their wishes to be fulfilled.

All the information you need is listed in the picture below!

HEMA Quebec Blood Drive

Every 80 seconds someone in Quebec needs blood. This cause is especially close to our hearts, so we invite everyone to find a Blood Drive near them and donate blood. If you are unable to or are too scared to give, there are also options to volunteer at HEMA Quebec to help during the drives.

Let's help someone give the gift of blood this season!

Generations Foundation Food and Toy Drive

The Generations Foundation Holiday Food and Toy Drive collects non-perishable food items and gives new toys to Children in Montreal who would not have received a gift over the holidays.

Simply spending 20$ on food or buying a new toy for a child can go a long way. Drop off points are located around Montreal-- click to see the one nearest you. Donations are open until December 21, 2022.

Share The Warmth Food Box

Don't have time to go out and buy food for food banks? Share The Warmth is fighting food insecurity in the Montreal area through food boxes people can donate through online funds. For 30$ to 85$ you can purchase a food box for a person or family that will last a week! They also have other programs to fight food-insecurity you can get involved with on their website.


Thank you reading our last and favourite blog post of the Ultimate Gift Guide series. We hope you loved it and all the other + will continuing reading the rest of the post this holiday season.

Don't forget to give to those in need this season!



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