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The Best Fall 2021 Trends

Welcome to the most highly anticipated blog post of the year! In this blog post, Olivia+Laura share with you the biggest trends of fall 2021.

It is Toasty Girl Autumn and WE. ARE. HERE. FOR. IT! Move aside tank tops and sandals, knits and booties and here and, they are here to keep up company during these next cool months.

Safe to say, however, that not only will the weather be cool but so will your outfits if you follow these Fall 2021 fashion trends.

You will see some new trends and may notice some overlap from last season, but do not fret. You can always mix the old with the new and still look fabulous.


Cable Knits

Cable knits are nothing new except they’ve gotten a revamp this season. Classic cable knit pullovers will always be trendy during A/W although this year we’re taking it a step further. From puff sleeves, to exaggerated cables and raw hems — it’s an all-new take on the cable knit. If the extra look isn’t for you, shop the classics for a more laid-back oversized look. Don’t forget to accessories, though!

Splurge or Save

Save! Don't worry about buying overpriced cable knits when you can find some more affordable ones at places like Zara or H&M — they are sure to last you for a few years! Stick to neutrals for more versatile looks.

Knee High Boots

Another recurring trend this season is knee high boots. Ankle boots will always be a staple in your closet but our favourite pair of lug-sole ankle boots are slowly being replaced with the mid calf and knee-high boots. The perfect fall boot to pair under dresses and skirts. Stick to a classic black boot or venture out with some different colours and patterns as pictured below.

When we say knee high boots, we mean below the knee. Not to get confused with the thigh-high boots you wore in high school.

Splurge or Save

Save-ish! Just like the iconic lug-sole ankle boots, these high knee boots will be around for a while. Hit up Zara for affordably priced weather proof boots like these — they can typically be found between $100 to $250. A classic shoe nonetheless.

Fur Trimmed Coat

Channel your inner Lizzie Mcguire with these fur trimmed coats. Y2K fashion has been making a reappearance in recent months and these coats have stuck around for fall fashion. Basic coats are out and fur trimmed coats are in. They’re the throwback piece you didn’t know you needed.

Splurge or Save

Save Save Save! Though very fashion forward and fun to style, these coats are but a trend. Check out thrift stores or websites like Poshmark for previously loved fur trimmed coats. Just like the rest of the Y2K fashion trend, it will go as quickly as it came.


Cutouts have been all the rave during summer fashion and they’re slowly being transitioned into fall fashion now! The beauty about this trend is truly making it your own. Wether you want to achieve a more subtle look with cutouts or a spicier look — there’s something for you! For this season, some standout pieces are knit dresses which can be paired with the knee high boots trends.

Splurge or Save

Save! Every store has a variation of this trend right now so don't break the bank on this fall trend. Zara is really embracing the trend with a ton of cutout pieces like this dress or this dress at Dynamite. Have fun with this trend!

Chunky Loafers

The chunky loafer has been teasing its way into this season's trends since last year, but now that it has arrived, it is here to stay. This trendy footwear is a short girl's dream as it adds a little bit of height and school girl flare to any outfit. Look for models with hardware, like gold detailing, to add to the shoe. But not too much because you want to be able to wear it next season.

Splurge or Save

Save-ish! We have a feeling this shoe will be here to stay for the next few years (just look at the lug-sole boot). So be sure to look out for a pair that will not weather or crease easily. However, you can find a great pair for less than 100$, which is inexpensive for shoes, like this pair from Zara.


Oh, leather, how we love you. Not only do you make us look like a sexy cat women but, you also keep us warm (maybe a little too warm) during these cooler months. The leather on leather look is making an appearance this season. So, when shopping for leather (or pleather), be sure to look out for the variety of colours available and styles available. Leather leggings are not the only option here, with wide-leg pants and blazers are an option as well.

Splurge or Save

Splurge! Especially if you are looking for leather pants. Leather is unforgiving, so if you buy a cheaper pair, there's a chance it will not hug the right places.

Check out the Melina Pant from Aritzia. They are a little expensive, but they have the best reviews.

Jewel Tones

Last year, sage green and lilac were the colours of the season. But this year, deep emeralds, like royal blue, forest green and ruby red, are making their appearance. You can integrate these colours into your wardrobe with knit sweaters or cardigans and, accessories.

Splurge or Save

Save! They are called colours of the season for a reason. This trend should be everywhere for fall and winter, so save your money and look for inexpensive options.

Sweater Vests

Sweater vests are back! We saw these last season but, they are worth mentioning because they are all over social media and is every stores bestseller. The oversized houndstooth sweater vest is super popular right now, along with the sweater vest dress and cropped vest. With this trend, the possibilities are actually endless.

Splurge or Save

Save! Every store has a variation of this trend right now so don't break the bank on this fall trend. Check out this H&M sweater vest for an affordable option. It comes in multiple colours too!


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See you all in two weeks!

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