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Summer Zara Outfits You Need

In this post, Olivia + Laura share the cutest, trendiest summer outfits from Zara that you need for hot girl summer.

Summer is on its way, and despite the Covid uncertainty, we are still planning for an eventful summer. That is why we scoured the Zara website to create outfits for hot girl summer. We understand that the Zara website is hard to navigate, so we did the work for you. All item codes are linked for an easy shopping experience. You're welcome!


Sunday BBQ

Sundresses are for Sunday barbecues; why else would Zara sell so many of them? The dresses displayed below are perfect for summer, as they are lightweight and bright. Also, throw on a pair of stylish slides and, you have a comfortable yet chic outfit. Don't forget to accessorize!

Terrace with the Girls

Pichet pichet* season is upon us and, we will never pass up the opportunity to get wine drunk on a terrace. These outfits may seem dressy but, as we don't leave the house often, we shouldn't pass up the opportunity to dress up and look HOT!

*Pichet means pitcher in french... as in a pitcher of rosé sangria.

Chic Picnic in the Park

Picnics will forever be our favourite summertime activity. With restaurants being closed due to COVID, picnics are a great way to meet outdoors with your besties and support some of your local restaurants! You can never go wrong with a stunning matching set for an outdoor picnic!

Hot Girl Walk at Mount Royal

If you haven't hot girl walked yet, it's time to start! Grab a friend and get in your 10K steps during a hike up Mount Royal while still looking so chic. Matching sets but make it athletic!

Shopping at the Outlets

Shopping at the outlets requires casual street style. So grab your favourite pair of denim, some comfortable footwear and head out the door.

P.S. handkerchiefs have several purposes! Try it as a scarf, a headscarf or wrap it around your bag as an accessory.


Thanks for reading this week's Olivia + Laura post! If you try out any of these outfits, be sure to tag us on Instagram @oliviaandlaurablog and follow us if you haven't already!

Hot girl summer is on its way ladies!


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Katherine Perrone
Katherine Perrone
15 เม.ย. 2564

Terrace with the girls outfit is calling my name 😍🔥

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