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Style Monthly: Mom Jeans for A/W

Welcome to another edition of style monthly on O&L! In today's article, we are sharing some of our favorite ways to style mom for the autumn and winter (A/W) seasons. So, grab your beloved mom jeans and discover new ways to style these iconic denim bottoms.

The 90s are making a strong comeback in the fashion world. Between the biker shorts with oversized graphic tees and the shoulder-padded blazers, the 90s inspired outfits are hard to escape — this includes mom jeans.

Mom jeans are a wardrobe staple, and owning more than one pair is a must for us. However, sometimes we run out of ideas on how to style them; so, we've compiled a list of our favorite ways to wear these jeans.


The Mom

We call this "The Mom" because this outfit involves pairing high waist denim with a chunky sweatshirt, which has a retro mom vibe to us. To achieve this look, pair mom's jeans with any chunky sweatshirt and tuck it into the pants! In doing so, you will be creating a synched waist and, the high rise style of the pants will give you a nice butt (just saying).

To really recreate the mom look, find a pair of super-light wash denim and a crew neck sweatshirt. Now you'll be ready to take on the day and potentially pick up your kids from soccer afterward.

Cropped Top

The reason we love the mom jean so much is that they are high rise and cover the stomach pooch; this allows us to wear cropped tops with confidence. Just because winter is around the corner doesn't mean we cant still expose some skin, hence the reason for this look. We're all about utilizing our wardrobes, and that means transitioning summer into fall and so on.

So grab your mom jeans and a cropped top, and pair it with a jacket or long cardigan. We especially love grunge look with a bra type top, a moto jacket, and some combat boots. Accessories with some chunky gold jewelry, maybe a beanie, and a shoulder bag, and you've achieved this look.

White Top

A white top and mom jeans are the most basic pairing-- but there's nothing wrong with that. However, we don't suggest you wear any ratty old T-shirt; we want you to elevate your look with a white blouse.

Mom jeans are not synonymous with a casual look. All it takes is a crisp white blouse and a statement shoe to amp up any look, as seen modeled in this picture. For the winter, throw on a shacket or a teddy coat, and you have a cozy yet stylish look!

Styling Tip: When styling a button-up blouse, tuck one of the sides of the top into the pants and leave the other side out. This will exude a cool girl vibe, and I can guarantee you will receive countless compliments


All your favorite influences and fashion bloggers are wearing cardigans as shirts right now. There's a reason for that! Not only are they stylish, but they also keep you warm and cozy during those colder months. You can style a thin-knit cardi on top of baggier mom jeans to juxtapose baggy pants with a tighter top.

Or, you could have tighter fitting mom jeans with a chunky knit cardigan that serves as a layering piece, as seen styled by @oliviarose.

Heeled Booties

Booties are a must for fall/winter fashion. Heeled booties though, take your basic outfit to the next level! We are currently crushing on pattered boots. Viviane Audi (@vivianeaudi) styled her mom jeans with a simple turtleneck knit and some beige/brown snakeskin patterned boots.

A tip for styling mom jeans with boots is to tuck the jeans into the boot. This gives the effect of “balloon jeans” which are so trendy right now! Maddie Briell (@maddiebriell) styled these heeled booties with a pair of black denim mom jeans and we’re obsessed with this look for fall!

Winter Boots/Flat Boots

If you live anywhere with snow, then you know that styling winter boots is a struggle! We’re here to make that process way easier for you (& us too)! Firstly, a boot that is more fitted around the ankle is more ideal. It allows the jeans to fit over the boot perfectly without making those unwanted creases! Just let your mom jeans come over your boots, like Doc Martens and voila! If you are short like we are, some jeans are just too long and bunch up at the ankles. This season, we are taking a trick from Emma Leger’s book (@emmaleger). Emma cuffs her mom jeans right at the top her boots! We are defs going to be using this trick a lot!

Winter Chic

Why choose between dressing warm and dressing cute when you could do both! We call this the winter chic look because it is the perfect mix of cosy and cute. Style a cropped puffer over your mom jeans and you have the hottest, warmest winter look! Longline puffers will work too — but we suggest leaving it unzipped if it isn’t too cold!

We also love to style wool coats for fall/winter fashion. Freya Killin (@freyakillin) styled this beige wool coat from Zara over some light washed denim and we’re loving it.


Thanks for reading this week's blog post. We hope we've inspired you to style your mom jeans a little different this season! Be sure to tag us if you recreate any of these looks and use the hashtag #oliviaandlaura.

And remember, you're cute jeans ;)



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