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Spring/Summer 2021 Trends To Look Out For

In this post, Olivia + Laura share the 2021 trends you will be seeing and wearing all spring and summer long.

Spring has sprung, and we are ready to trade in those dark-coloured clothes for pastel-coloured everything! There are so many new styles this S/S and some familiar ones transitioning from winter or making a comeback from last year. So, be sure to look out for all of them!

In the meantime, check out this post to get inspiration for those beautiful spring days and those hot summer ones; they're just around the corner.



Sweatpants were the biggest trend this winter, so it's fitting that sweat-shorts make an appearance this S/S. Brands like Zara, Artizia, H&M, Dynamite and, so many others are catering to the lazy girl and, their latest collections are reflective of this with their boyfriend-style shorts. We love this trend because these shorts are stylish yet comfortable. Also, as much as we love short-shorts, we love the lack of chaffing even more (thick thighs problems). Moral of the story: get your hands on a pair of these, and you will not regret it.

Wrap-Around Tops

As you can tell by the six pictures shown above, we are OBSESSED with these wrap-around tops. They are so freaking sexy, and they exude hot girl summer vibes (stay tuned for a post about that *wink*). Everyone on Instagram is rocking these tops and, we think they will become a staple in everyone's closet by the end of summer. As soon as the temperature heats up, be sure to look out for two hotties in matching wrap-around tops!

Puffer Vests

If you are from Montreal or Canada, you know that spring (and sometimes summer) isn't that hot! But it also isn't all that cold. So the perfect middle ground is a puffer vest. This season, you can find them in so many colours and styles (long or short), and they are a great buy because you can wear them again in the colder seasons.

PRO TIP: Do not splurge on a North Face or Atrizia puffer vest! Brands like Old Navy and Zara have stylish ones for a fraction of the price.

Wide-Leg Pants

Wide leg trousers don’t just belong in an office anymore, we are wearing them everywhere! Seeing as this past year has been the year of comfort, the relaxed-fit wide leg pants trend makes so much sense. Pair a plain pair of beige or white trousers with a floral pattern or pastel top to match those spring vibes. We love making a statement with our outfits.

Another great way to style these pants, are by getting coloured or patterned wide leg pants (preferably spring colours) and pairing it with any basic top. This casual look is so effortlessly chic. We suggest checking out H&M, Zara or Dynamite for these trendy pants.

Cropped Sweater Vests

Sweater vests were the hottest trend for fall/winter fashion and they’re making a comeback for spring/summer! This time around, the vests are cropped and serve as a pop of colour to any look. Depending on the weather, you could layer these vests with a button up shirt, turtleneck or even t-shirt. They look just as cute worn alone!

Coloured Cardigans

Another great way to incorporate colour to your spring wardrobe is through cardigans! Colourful ones, of course. It is the cutest way to elevate any basic outfit and add pops of colour for spring! We have seen such cute coloured cardis at H&M and Zara especially, get your hands on one!


Thank you for reading this week's blog post! If you loved it, you're in luck because more fashion posts are on the way.

Also, special announcement, as of today, O+L is a summer vibes only blog! Winter, honey, we won't miss you.

See you next week, loves!


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Katherine Perrone
Katherine Perrone
Mar 25, 2021

Need all of these trends asap!!!!

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