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Small MTL Businesses to Support

In this blog post, Olivia + Laura share some of their favourite small + local businesses that you should be eyeing too.

If you are a weekly O+L reader, you know we love to spotlight small and local hustles. This is especially easy in Montreal, a city filled with talent and small businesses to support. Most notably, during the pandemic, many MTL bosses made lemonade out of lemons and built an Instagram shop.

Many of the brands featured today were among this group who grew their businesses in a time of uncertainty and shared their talent with MTL and beyond. We love to support local and we encourage you to do the same. Even a follow on their profile goes a long way!


Art by Emma Trinci

Emma Trinci is a body-positive artist with who we have collaborated several times for the blog Instagram posts (be sure to check that out). Not only is she a beautiful soul, but her art is just as stunning as it portrays the idea that the female body, no matter its curves or societal-deemed faults, is beautiful. If you are interested, you can buy images of her art, but we especially love her new merch. Emma is selling large canvas tote bags and embroidered crewnecks that were made by another local brand @threads.of.lola. We love Emma and, so will you; so, shop what you see below on her Instagram.

Bisou MTL

Bisou means kiss in french and, we're sending the girls behind the brand a million kisses for crafting elegant and quality affordable jewelry. From dainty chain necklaces to chunky earrings (and even beaded phone strings), @bisou.mtl has it all! Recently, we purchased pieces from their Pop-Up Shop and, we have worn them almost every day since. Their jewelry is so versatile and eye-catching that you MUST get your hands on it.

Shop their website for stunning pieces & use code BGROOVY20 at checkout!

Clandestine Lingerie

When we think of sexy and sophisticated, we think of Clandestine Lingerie. They have some of the sexiest lacy bralettes and underwear we've ever seen, and despite the meaning of the brand's name, we think they deserve to be on display. As pictured below, you can definitely style the bralette under a cardigan-style top or even peaking through a low-cut top. And remember, intimates are not just for intimate people.

So, get yourself that matching set, girl & use coupon code OLIVIALAURA15 for 15% off your order only from Thursday (07/22) to Sunday (07/25).


Bodystrands is an MTL-founded accessory company that specializes in showstopping, must-have bodychains. Initially, we heard these bodychains promoted in a podcast, and without even seeing them, we were intrigued. As you can see from the pictures down below, we had reason to be! They are so cute and pair well with almost everything. Pair a body chain or a waist chain with a bikini for a beach day or with a crop top to add some extra flair to your outfit. They are so fun, you just need to have one!

Patched Essentials

The cutest customizable essentials you'll ever need are from this local Montreal business, Patched Essentials. With tons of different patches to choose from, customize your own pouch perfect for traveling! These pouches also make for a very cute personalized gift for any occasion!

Valentina Boutique

Watch your Pinterest feed come to life with Valentina Boutique. Shop the trendiest pieces at this local one-stop boutique and coffee shop! Our two favourite things combined: fashion + coffee. Valentina Boutique, located in the Downtown Montreal area, has partnered with other amazing women-owned Montreal brands to showcase local businesses in their boutique. Check out their website to find an outfit for your next night out you won't be disappointed!

Shop After Rain

Shop After Rain is a Montreal based online shop that produces eco-friendly swimwear and athleisure that is handmade-to-order. The inspiration behind the brand is to help make an impact in the retail industry by creating a more inclusive and inviting environment for everybody. We truly admire the inclusivity and sustainability of this brand. Check out their website to see their amazing swimsuit collection — perfect for hot girl summer!

Get ready for summer with our code oliviaandlaura for 15% off your entire order!

Stressed But Backwards

The aesthetic cakes you've been eyeing all over Pinterest have made their way to Montreal! Stressed But Backwards (meaning: stressed is just desserts spelled backwards) is the new cake culture with individually-sized lunchbox cakes for any and all occasions. But who are we kidding, do you really need an occasion? Get creative with quotes and saying check out their Instagram for the ultimate inspo!


Thank you for reading this week's blog post! If you own a small business or know a small business you'd like to see highlighted, let us know @oliviaandlaurablog. They might be featured in a future post!

Goodbye for now :)



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