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O+L's Essential Packing Tips

In this blog post, Olivia + Laura share with you the packing and traveling tips that will simplify your life and make your vacation so much better.

Vacationing is everyones favourite thing to do, however, packing is everyones least favourite thing to do... UNLESS your name is Olivia or Laura!

We are not seasoned travellers by any means, but we are organized and have been on enough trips to know what works and what doesn't. So, try these travel tips for yourself and see how much better packing, flying and vacationing can get.


01. Get a good luggage

The first and best tip is to invest in a good luggage! You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars but a good luggage can make the difference. When buying a luggage look for one that has 4 wheels and is light weight (light weight = more clothes you can bring)!

Last thing, beware of hard shell luggages. When they are placed on the plane or onto the conveyor belt they can crack if they hit another hard surface.

02. Roll your clothes

If you want to maximize space in your luggage then roll your clothes. This is a trick we all know but fail to follow! Simply fold your clothes in half and roll them like a Little Debbie Swiss Roll.

This tip especially works well with the next one...

03. Packing cubes will save your life

If you don't have packing cubes you NEED them. Once you have rolled your clothes put them into the packing cube. This will compress your clothes in the luggage and allow you to fit more overall. They make packing so much better and allow you to bring so much more with you.

Amazon has a great set with a variety of 8 bags for only 30$. Check them out here!

04. Add a drier sheet to your luggage

Living in a luggage for even a brief period of time will make your clothes lose their clean scent. So, to feel a little more at home add a drier sheet to your luggage or packing cubes! A mesh bag with lavender or any other aromatic object will also work.

Our mothers have been using this tips for years and we swear by it.

05. Pack a pillow case

Even though being on vacation is fun, theres nothing like sleeping in your own bed. Achieve this by bringing your own pillow case! Also, let's face it, you don't know who washed your sheets. So at least you are being safe and bringing a clear object to lay your head on every night.

06. Pre-plan your outfits

Being the Type A personalities that we are, we are planning our outfits in advance — even which day or night the outfits are meant for. Now you may think that this is a bit dramatic, however this is the best way to ensure you aren't overpacking! Seriously a game changer — once you start, you will never go back.

O+L Tip: Take pictures of said outfits as you are packing so you don't forget!

07. Maximize your personal bag

In case you didn't know, you are always allowed a personal bag when travelling (on top of your carry on). It could be anything such as a purse, however our suggestion is to maximize space with a large tote or backpack. Put whatever extra you wanna bring in there (especially for long trips) and take it on board with you!

Again, this tip especially works well with the next one...

08. Pack a spare fit in your carry on

Whether it be in your carry on luggage or your personal bag, a spare outfit is essential when travelling — especially now with all the issues surrounding airlines. Knock on wood that no one looses a luggage, however things do happen and they are out of our control. But we can plan for emergencies! Better safe than sorry.

09. Wear a fanny pack to the airport

Keeps your important documents near you for safe keeping and easy access. Wearing a fanny pack will save you the hassle of having to dig in your backpack or carry on for your passport, for example.

10. Never sleep on the hotel duvet

Sorry to break it to you but the thick hotel comforters are not always washed after every stay (especially the decorative bedding). Without things of all the nasty things people might have done on the duvet, most travellers but their luggage on their bed upon arrival to unpack. This is the same luggage that rested on the floor and simultaneously collected dirt.

Moral of the story, better to be safe than sorry.


Thank you for reading this weeks blog post! We hope you liked it and will use these tips on your next weekend trip or European adventure. We know we will for our next trip.


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1 Comment

Hipolito, Maria Sophia D.
Hipolito, Maria Sophia D.
Oct 04, 2022

Very interesting and informative! I appreciate you sharing your packing and travel advice because it will make my lives simpler and my vacation much more enjoyable. Also, thanks for sharing your packing and travel tips; keep it up! I appreciate you writing this blog; I had a great time reading it.❤️

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