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Men's Fall Fashion Trends

In this blog post, Olivia + Laura are sharing the hottest men's fashion trends for this fall.

There are not enough articles out there about men's fashion, and we are here to change that. Men deserve to look good, but if they don't have guidance, most of them will wear cargo pants and 11-inch seam shorts. That's why today, we are here for the man and sharing the 9 trends they need to be rocking this Fall/Winter (F/W) season.


Varsity Jackets

This preppy piece is making a comeback this season! A great prep-meets-sport take on fall outerwear. Just like cable knits and tailored blazers, preppy fashion is taking over this season’s trends. Perfectly chic yet cozy vibes for fall.

Sweater Vests

Another preppy staple this season are sweater vests. While they have been around for a few years now, they are always a must for fall fashion. Wear them with button down shirts for a preppier look or t-shirts for a more laid back, casual look. If you're feeling yourself, wear them on their own as a statement piece!

Oversized Knit Sweaters

Fall is all about the cozy vibes — and what’s cozier than oversized knit sweaters? Level up your wardrobe with some fun colours and patterns. Or stick with classic neutrals for fall — you can never go wrong.


The perfect wardrobe staple to layer with is cardigans. Again, another cozy piece for fall fashion is just what we need. Style with a plain tee underneath to make the cardigan the star of the show. A great alternative for zip-up sweatshirts.

Fleece Jackets

Do you see this fleece coat? It's boyfriend material. All jokes aside, nothing is cozier than bundling up with a fleece coat and beanie on a cold day. You'll thank us for this, and if you so happen to hug someone that day, they will thank us too for that bear hug.

Checkered Coats

Red plaid is cancelled! We don't want to see it unless your are a lumberjack. If you want to wear something checkered, a better swap would be a simple square-patterned coat or overshirt. Not only will you look stylish but, you'll be sure to get looks from people appreciating your fashion sense.


It's 2021, boys! There is nothing feminine about getting yourself a bag to carry your items. Some great options include a fanny pack, a cross-body bag, a satchel, and a tote bag (we love the tote). Doesn't it tempt you not to have to carry your wallet in your pocket?

Sneakers With Everything

Sneakerheads will be happy to hear that Olivia + Laura are endorsing sneakers for every day. Of course, we love a dress shoe, but F/W 2021 is calling for sneakers with slacks, chinos and every other pant! Although a little bit pricey, we do recommend getting your hands on a pair of Jordans.

Color Coordinated Sweatsuits

Comfort is key during the colder months but, that doesn't mean you have to compromise on style. When shopping for a sweatsuit this year, look for matching or coordinating sets. They are easy to throw on while also making it look like you carefully planned your outfit. Uni boys, this one is for you.


As always, thank you for reading this week's blog post! Men, we hope you enjoyed it. Women, we hope you enjoyed sending it to the men in your life. Want to see more men's fashion and lifestyle posts? Be sure to let us know @oliviaandlaurablog on Instagram.

See you on the socials!


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