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How to Style: Cardigans

In this blog post, Olivia + Laura show you how to style cardigans for the winter to spring transition.

Cardigans are probably the most versatile pieces to have in your closet. They are great for bundling up, layering, or for keeping around on those chilly days. Now, we're not talking about those grand-father cardigans (which are honestly stylish af). We want you to diversify your cardis for all occasions.

O+L Tip: Wear your cardigans buttoned all the way up! This way you have a knit top and don't have to worry about what goes under it.


The Teacher Way

With spring around the corner, let your clothes reflect that with some bold colours! We also like to call these teacher cardigans because they scream elementary school teachers.

As a teacher, the other half of Olivia+Laura can confirm this as true.

Over the Shoulder Prep

Not only is this over-the-shoulder look super chic, but it is also incredibly practical! Spring weather can be so unpredictable (in Montreal anyways), so be prepared!

The European Way

Transition your summery satin dresses or midi skirts for spring fashion by layering a cardigan over top! We're all about finding different ways to style our pieces.

The Classic Way

Jeans & a cardigan are the perfect model-off-duty or rich mom look. Going for a higher-quality knit with a pair of kitten-heel shoes will instantly create a timeless look.

The Trousers Way

A cardigan and trousers will forever be a go-to look when you are feeling lazy but don't want anyone else to know. Opt for wide-leg or palazzo pants for extra comfort and style. The effortless from the bed, to the office look.

The Longer than Long Way

Nothing makes us feel more like a wife on the porch of her beach house sipping coffee than a long cardigan. There is something so comforting and stylish about it. This is a great look for running errands or chilling at home

Plus, you can wear your at-home underwear and no one will know since it's covering your bum.


Thank you for reading this week's blog post! We hope we've inspired you to style your cardigans a little differently this season!

Want us to style something else? Let us know on @oliviaandlaurablog!



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