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How to Stay Motivated at Home

Working from home is the new normal, and although it has its perks, it can be hard to stay motivated. If you experience this, then don't fret because Olivia and Laura are here to help put the work back in work from home (WFH). Read this article for tips and tricks on how to do so!

We, Olivia + Laura, have decided to refuse to complain about working from home (WFH) anymore. We're not sure how long that will last, but in the meantime here are some tips and tricks we use to stay motivated during these less than ideal situations.


Stay Organized

Working from home is hard, but we shouldn't make it even harder for ourselves by forgetting deadlines and upcoming events. Here on O+L, we are strong advocates of the To-Do list. They keep us organized and remind us of all the assignments that need to get done. Having all your assignments written out in a list may seem stressful to some, but using this technique, you know what to expect and can plan your time accordingly. Most important, when you finally complete a task, you get to cross it off your list (and there is nothing more satisfying).

Closely linked to a To-Do list is an updated calendar. There are a bunch of super cute options for agendas at Indigo or any school supply store to write in, but the calendar app on your computer or phone can also suffice. By putting due dates in your calendar, you can see when tasks need to get done, and you should use it to help write your To-Do list.

These are all ideas of ways to keep you organized, and the organization maintains motivation!

Make Me-Time

Now that we spend every waking second at home, it is hard to differentiate between work life and personal life. The environment you're supposed to be relaxing in is the same one that you are working in, so sometimes we don't allow ourselves to breathe. But we are telling you to take an hour a day and do whatever makes you happy! Bake, workout, read a book, or organize your sock drawer; just do something to disconnect from the work environment!

When you allot even an hour to doing something that makes you happy, you can release tension and approach your work with a fresh mind.

Here are some ideas of things to do:

- Go for a walk around your neighborhood; breathe in some fresh air

- Leave your house to pick up a coffee or food

- Bake a simple apple crumble (as seen multiple times on our stories)

- Take a bath or long shower and sing your heart out

- Do your full face care routine--face mask and all

- Facetime a friend (they need support just as much as you)


Get Dressed!

Don't get it twisted. When we say get dressed, we don't mean put on your best outfit (although you can). We simply suggest changing out of your pajamas and changing into something that makes you feel better about yourself-- even lululemons will do. When you make an effort to wash your face and change your clothes, you put yourself in a positive and productive mindset. So be like @sophiesuchan and put on your best sweatsuit, feel good about yourself, and even sneak in some mirror selfies throughout your day.

When we were living normal lives, we would get ready in the morning and look presentable--stick to this pattern! If you dress like you a bum then your day will feel sh*tty. But, if you put your best foot forward, then your day will match that attitude. If you had the time do to do it before the WFH situation, then you still have the time to do it now.

O+L Tip

Set up a time-lapse while you’re studying/working. It keeps you off your phone and leaves you with a super satisfying time-lapse video. We totally saw this on TikTok but we’re loving it!


Morning Workout/Meditation

Workouts have been such a motivator for use during “quarantine” (not even sure what to call it anymore). As we’ve already mentioned in a previous post, we use the FitOn app — which we highly recommend! It has so many different kinds of workouts for literally everyone, from beginner to advanced FitOn has it all. Working out or meditating first thing in the morning truly helps set your intentions for the day. Whether it be a sweat-inducing workout or a simple morning flow yoga routine, you will feel so awakened and motivated to start your day. We understand that it can sometimes be hard to get up in the morning but this is an extreme mood booster that we defs recommend! Will get you waking up on the right side of the bed every morning!

Clean Work Space

A clean work station is a must-have for a productive day. If you see it start to get cluttered, set a five-minute timer before you start your work and tidy it up. A clean workspace eliminates any possible distractions which lead to better concentration and focus. It is proven that when clutter, the brain is able to better concentrate on the task you wish to do. Having a clean workspace also helps you stay organized with all your tasks! So take a quick five minutes out of your day to tidy up your desk to improve your motivation and productivity for the day!

Listen to Music

One of our favorite ways to stay motivated is music! We personally love a good Latin song that we could vibe to as if we were at the club. This puts us in the best mood and motivates us to keep going! We understand that not everyone enjoys the Latino club vibe but any feel-good playlist will do! Of course, if you are studying or trying to wind down from the day, a feel-good playlist wouldn’t be so ideal — for that, we recommend some softer jams. We know for a fact that music changes mood so why not use that to our advantage!


You will probably not be productive or feel motivated to work every day-- and that okay! Life can be stressful so, don't worry about those off days; all you have to do is try again tomorrow.


Thank you for reading this week's blog post, and we hope that you use these motivational tricks in your WFH situation.

We think reading Olivia + Laura is an efficient way of staying motivated because not only do we offer great tips but the anticipation of reading the next post will make the week go by so much faster ;)

See you then!

Oh and stop procrastinating and make this day your b*tch!



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