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How to Dress Like Sofia Richie

In this blog post, Olivia + Laura share the timeless fashion pieces to add to your closet to embody Sofia Richie’s signature style!

Since Sofia Richie’s wedding, everyone and their mother have been absolutely obsessed with her fashion style. She prioritizes investing in classy, timeless fashion pieces instead of trendy items. While we love following the latest fashion trends, this old money inspired wardrobe is exactly what has inspired our fashion taste recently!

If you’re looking to achieve that timeless Sofia Richie style, here are some pieces you should be adding to your closet!


Shirt Dress

Either mini or midi, a shirt dress is a classic old money style piece! For a Sunday brunch or day at the beach, it is perfect for all occasions and super simple to style!

Striped Shirt

A striped shirt is a must in everyone's closet! If you do not have one already, it is a must. They are the most versatile top and can be worn with anything, at all hours of the day!

Tailored Linen Pants

These were already a staple in our summer wardrobe but based on Sofia Richie's styling, we are pairing these with basics. The same goes for tailored shorts!

Vintage Pullover

It wouldn't be old money vibes without a vintage Ralph Lauren (or any!) pullover! These come in handy for cool evenings in The Hamptons or just in your city if you're like us!

Adidas Sambas

These sneakers scream old money and they pair perfectly with most outfits. Dress them up or down!

Ballet Flats

Looking for a shoe that is not a sneaker or a heel? Ballet flats have made their way back into fashion (particularly Chanel and Miu Miu)! We love how they can elevate any basic outfit.


All in all, be on the lookout for timeless pieces as opposed to trendy pieces. If you love trendy items, be sure to buy those that will turn into classic pieces.

Thank you for reading this week's blog post! We hope you feel as inspired by this post as we do.



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