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Holiday Outfit Ideas

In this blog post of the holiday series, Olivia + Laura help you find the perfect outfit for your festivities. Read on to see everything from sequin dresses to fleece sweatsuits!

Although many of us intended to celebrate Christmas and New Years' at a big party with food and drinks, these holiday plans have been ruined. That also means that the outfits we planned months prior have to keep living in our closets. Despite this sad news, the holidays are a time to rejoice, so we can still definitely put together a stylish ensemble. These outfits might look different for everyone, depending on how you're celebrating, but regardless of the look you are searching for, we've got you covered!


What We Want to Wear

This is a lookbook of outfits we would have wanted to wear if we were at a NYE event or a lavish Christmas party.

One thing these outfits all have in common is the sequin detailing. So what better way to celebrate the holidays than with something shiny to make you the center of attention, just like @whatemwore.

Unfortunately, Zara no longer sells this exact blazer dress; however, their new Party & Holiday collection is filled with so many stunning dresses and skirts.

Here's how to recreate a similar look:

OR create the same fringe vibe with this mini skirt

Next, @oliviarose styled a sequin style top with a pair of black paper bag pants. You can definitely pair a top like this with a pair of jeans or leather pants, but be sure to make the top the centerpiece-- everything else should be subtle.

Here's how to recreate this look:

@micjanee is an overall vibe! She is stunning in this sequin one-shoulder dress from Missguided and is proof that even though we are spending the holidays at home, we can dress up!

Here's how to recreate this look with similar dresses:

What We Could Wear

Now that we're stuck at home, these are outfits we could potentially put together to sit by the fire or take pictures by the tree.

Knit Sweater

When we stay home, we have the luxury of being comfortable, and nothing screams comfy more than a knit sweater. Pair your favorite knit with dress pants, leather pants, or jeans and, you have a cozy yet chic outfit.

Using inspo from @londonblogger, @oliviarose and @nicolecarlsonxo here are some pieces you could buy to recreate these looks:

Knit Tops

Sweater Dress

A sweater dress is probably one of the easiest things to put on and automatically look like you've put effort into your outfit! Add a stylish pair of booties, and voilà you are set to take on any event.

Here are some options of...



1) ASOS Roisin Boots (the same boots as @pheebsfashion)

Sweater Vests

Styling sweater vests has become such a trend this year that we are loving! Wear an oversized sweater vest as a dress with a button up shirt underneath and some tall boots. Here are @lissyroddyy and @ashbegash with some inspo!

Pair these looks with any of the boots linked above and voila!

Here are some sweater vests to help recreate these looks:

What We Will Wear

Despite our need to always dress up, these are looks we will probably be wearing to celebrate Christmas and bring in the New Year.


Everyone owns at least one of these by now and if you don't, we suggest getting one. They are so comfy yet so cute and can be styled soo many different ways. Dress it up with some chunky gold hoops and a sleek back ponytail like @jujhavens and you're ready for the holidays at home!

You can find a matching sweatsuit at almost every store, but here are our favorites:

Knit Sets

Another fashion trend that came out of 2020 was knit loungewear sets and we are here for it! There are so many different styles but we love these thin ribbed knit sets seen on @nicolecarlsonxo. Match with someone in your family to make it fun!

Here are a few options of sets you can wear:

Anything Oversized

Everything goes this year! A basic outfit of leggings and an oversized sweatshirt styled like @bresheppard is the comfiest way to celebrate any holiday.

We all have a cozy oversized sweatshirt in our closet but here are some that we are loving:


Thank you for reading this week's blog post! We hope you enjoyed it and are inspired to put together outfits similar to the ones we've chosen. We know that the holidays will probably be boring this year, but that doesn't mean your looks have to be. Whether you are wearing a fancy dress or a lounge set, own it! And don't forget to take pictures to share with your friends and family on IG-- we know we will!.



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