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Festive Nails for the Holiday Season

In this blog post, Olivia + Laura share the trendiest chic, not cheesy festive nails to show your nail tech before the holidays.

If you don't recognize that your nails are a huge part of your outfit this holidays season then we have a problem. Your nail colour and design can elevate your look so, book an appointment for your nails. And if you need a little help, show this post to your nail lady.


O+L's Holiday Colour Palette

Green Goddess

If we had to choose the colour of the season, it would most likely have to be green. Green nails are the discreet way of being festive and, the different shades allow for easy mixing and matching during the holiday season.

Kira Kira

If you didn't know, Kira Kira is a glitter effect that we millennials used on Instagram stories a few years ago. It made everything shiny and, that is the inspiration for these nails. Holiday nails need to be extra and, that's not limited to silver and gold. Look out for sparkly blues and greens and everything in between.

Dripping in Gold

Dripping in gold is quite literally the perfect way to describe this trend. Gold french tips scream elegance and glamour and, we will 100% be following this trend this holiday season. Nail appointment booked!

Red (Taylor's Version)

Embrace your inner Taylor Swift this holiday season with a classic yet bold red manicure. Switch it up by doing a french mani with red tips or mix and match for the most unique look! Burgundy is also totally acceptable this time of year if red isn't your thing!

Subtly Seasonal

We know how hard it can be to find festive nails that aren't super cheesy or tacky. We've come up with the category, subtly seasonal, for nails that are just the right amount festive without being overly loud.

Starry Night

Another great way to be festive without the typical reds, greens or glitter! Maybe this holiday season you're looking for something more minimal and we've got just the design for you. Let your nails be the star of the show this season!


If you're reading this, send this blog post to your nail tech — they'll thank you later!

Thank you for reading this week's blog post! We hope you enjoyed the first post of our 2021 Holiday Series, we cannot wait for the rest of the posts to come. If you have any suggestions, let us know @oliviaandlaurablog on Instagram! Also be sure to tag us if you took inspo from this blog post!

See you next week angels!



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