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Fashion Trends I’m Glad I Didn’t Buy

In this blog post, Olivia + Laura are discussing de-influencing and intentional spending.

In an world where social media and influencers constantly bombard us with exciting products and lifestyles, it's easy to fall into the trap of mindless consumption. We've all been there, scrolling through our favorite social platform, only to find ourselves adding items to our cart that we never knew we needed. The "buy now" mentality can lead to impulsive purchases that may not align with your true style or long-term fashion goals. While there's nothing inherently wrong with indulging in occasional retail therapy, it's essential to strike a balance between treating yourself and mastering the art of mindful spending.

De-influencing, as the term suggests, involves consciously distancing yourself from external influences that dictate your spending decisions. It's about taking a step back from the constant barrage of fashion content on social media and reevaluating your values and priorities when it comes to clothing and style. And this might be odd coming from a fashion blogger who quite literally posts about the latest fashion trends every season, but I too am trying to be more conscious!

With that, here are a few fashion trends from past seasons that I am glad I didn't buy.

Denim Maxi Skirt

I like to think this trend isn't for everyone. For a short queen like me, I personally don't love the fit of these and I'm glad I didn't buy it just to fit into the trend.

Mini Uggs

With fall being right around the corner, everyone will want to get their hands on Mini Uggs, again! They still remain popular but I cannot justify the price and the salt stains (iykyk Canadian girlies!).

Low Rise Bottoms

Another trend that I don't believe to be for everyone. I am not comfortable in anything low rise so this was an easy save. Yet another example of not sacrificing your comfort or style for the latest trends!

Ballet Flats

Let me specify: the Miu Miu ballet flats. The more ballerina core, the less I like them. Flat shoes are becoming increasingly more popular and I can get behind those but let's save the ballet flats for ballerinas.

Marc Jacobs Tote Bag

I will be the first to admit that this bag had me in a chokehold for a while. The price tag obviously turned me away but looking back now, I wouldn't even buy it for $50.

De-influencing allows you to become a more conscious consumer. It's about making deliberate choices that align with your values, and style, rather than succumbing to the pull of the latest trend. So, the next time you're tempted by a trend, take a step back, wait a little, and wishlist it. If you're still thinking about it in a few months, buy it! This, combined with the practice of de-influencing, ensures that when you do add to your wardrobe, you're doing so with intention, authenticity, and an eye on your long-term wardrobe.


Laura from Olivia + Laura

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Én kommentar

08. okt. 2023

I know fashion sense is subjective but I still don’t get how people like the mini uggs. It can keep you warm but it doesn’t look good at all. Other than that I bought a tote bag and I think it’s worth it. At least it looks fashionable and completes the outfit.

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