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End of September 2020 Favourites

Another month has come and gone, and although October is upon us, Olivia & Laura are still holding on to their September favorites. Here is a round-up of all the things they used and abused this past month.

Jersey Cotton Sheets

If you are a lover of sleep, jersey cotton sheets are for you! These sheets are by far the coziest material we have ever slept in and make you feel as though you are wrapped in the most comfortable embrace. With autumn coming along, these jersey cotton sheets will keep you warm; but, they are also breathable, so, you won't wake up a sweaty mess. You can find these sheets at any home goods retailer, such as the Hudson's Bay, however, they are also sold on Amazon. Essentially, they make saying goodbye to your bed oh so hard but, nothing feels better than reuniting with them.

FitOn Workout App

We are living in some confusing times, so working out has become an outlet to relieve stress. Not only does it help with forgetting the current state of the world, but it also makes our bodies (and booties) feel stronger. However, with back-to-school, making time for the gym can be difficult; that is why we love the FitOn app. FitOn has a plethora of at-home exercises, like HITT class, Tabata, weight training, and our personal favorite, pilates with Cassey Ho AKA Blogilates. We cannot rave enough about pilates, but we especially love Workday Arm Sculpt Routine and the Total Body Pilates. But don't only take our word for it, download the app, and try it for yourself.

These workouts are short, fun, and effective and equipment is not always necessary (read the next fave)

Elastic Workout Bands

Although, if you are looking to buy equipment, these elastic workout bands have become a must in my routines. They add a little burn to your workout by stimulating your muscles, and they increase the quality of your exercises. Olivia purchased these from amazon, and not only are they affordable, but they also come with a carry bag and are PINK! (and you know how much we love the color pink)

Olivia's Fave: Mejuri Layered Spheres Chocker

This month, I was lucky enough to be gifted the Mejuri layered sphere chocker, and as soon as I saw it, I fell in love. This dainty gold vermeil necklace can be an accessory in every outfit and is the perfect layering piece-- as seen in this Instagram photo. Honestly, even with nowhere to go, I am wearing it in the house, and it makes my jogging suit feel so glamorous. Overall, Mejuri will always be a favorite of Olivia and Laura because they offer luxury without breaking the bank.


We have been obsessing over Pinterest lately! It is our go-to for all outfit inspos. If you don’t have a Pinterest account, it’s time to make one — and follow us of course (@oliviaandlaura)! We can assure you that we will not disappoint! We categorize our outfit and picture Inso based on the season to make it easier for you to browse for outfits. Follow us on Pinterest for all things fashion & lifestyle-related, basically an extension of the blog!

Click the picture to follow our Pinterest!

Iced Lattes

Now I know this is nothing new but how could we not include iced lattes in our September favorites! It is seriously a must to get us through our online classes. Head over to our iced latte recipe blog post to see how to make it and make sure to tag us if you do! Super quick and easy but hits the spot every time. As we like to say, a coffee a day keeps the doctor away!

It really is the coffee addiction for us...

Laura's Fave: Phone Stand

I have been obsessing over this phone stand ever since I saw it on Emma Leger’s vlog (@emmaleger on Instagram). It was featured in our online school essentials blog post and it is so handy for online classes. Ask literally anybody, I carry it with me all around the house. Whether I’m working outside or on my desk, this bad boy is coming too. Best purchase for online school so far!

There are so many different models, like this PFG one. Mine is from Amazon and linked here!

Don't be shy to carry some of our September favourite into October. Tag us or use the hashtag #oliviaandlaura on Instagram! We cannot wait to show you all the content we have planned for this month, happy first of October!



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