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A Guide to "Spring Cleaning"

Spring is here, and what better way to mark this event than by reorganizing our environment and cleansing our soul. Need help with where the start? Olivia + Laura have got you covered with these six to-dos.

As Sharpay Evans would say, "goodbye skies of grey, hello skies of blue." Essentially, what she means is, it's time to switch out of the winter mindset and spring into a summer one. Many of us have just finished finals, and others are on their way to cure their seasonal depression. So, open up your window, let that warm air in and begin your spring cleaning.

Follow these steps, and you'll be on your way to achieving a new reorganized and recharged self.


1) Digital Declutter

It is time to clear out the camera roll and computer desktop. If you’re like us, you must have 100 screenshots of readings and notes that you don’t need anymore. So, select all and send them to the trash bin. Not only is this therapeutic but it also clears up so much storage on your laptop and phone. You'll thank us for this one.

2) Change the Bed Linens

After a long semester, it has become a ritual to deep clean our bed linens and fluff our pillows. As we are cleansing our minds from school and cold weather, it is also important to clean the items that kept us cozy. We spend a lot of time in our room. So, it is important to freshen up what sometimes gets neglected, like throw pillows and duvets.

O+L Tip: Even if they are not machine washable, hang them on a clothesline or a chair outdoors and spray them with a fabric freshener.

3) Much-Needed Me-Time

Winter is over, so it’s time for a spring refresh. With less schoolwork and longer daytime hours, we can take more time to pamper ourselves and do what we said we would do once the sun came around. Some ideas include exfoliating our bodies, actually applying moisturizer after we shower and getting our toes ready for sandal season. These may seem like frivolous things, but they make us feel better about ourselves and, we know that busy schedules don’t always allow for them.

4) Reorganize

Decluttering and reorganizing your space feels like a breath of fresh air. We sometimes push it aside for too long and it gets out of hand. Take some time to fold your fresh laundry or even declutter your WFH set up. Remember, a clear space is a clear mind.

5) Plan a Do-Nothing Day

Much like needing me-time, planning a day to do absolutely nothing is often needed. The best do-nothing days are gloomy, rainy days where you could lounge all day and binge watch your favourite show on Netflix. These days may look different for everyone, though as long as you feel as relaxed and zen as possible, you're doing it right!

6) Get Your Summer On

Hot girl summer is around the corner and we absolutely cannot wait! Prepare your mind and body for hot girl summer by adding some physical activity into your daily routine and saying some positive affirmations about yourself. This summer is all about living your best life and living in the present. Life is too short to not be spontaneous.

O+L Tip: Download Dispo or buy a disposable camera to photograph amazing moments that you'll never want to forget.


Thank you for reading this week's blog post! As always, we hope you enjoyed it. If you have any ideas for what you want to see in the future, let us know @oliviaandlaurablog on Instagram.

Goodbye for now!



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