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2023 Fashion: What's In + What's Out?

In this blog post, Olivia + Laura share what's in fashion this year and the things that have to go in the new year.

Welcome to the new year, besties! We are wishing you a year filled with love, luck, and fashion-- and that starts with this blog post where we'll tell you which trends are here to stay and which need to be left behind.

What's In?

Cargo Pants

Cargo pants made their appearance in 2022. Now, in 2023, we are aiming for a more tailored approach to overly baggy pants.


Sheer clothing has been on the rise recently and will be bigger and sexier than ever this year.

Floral Choker

This is a trend we did not see coming at all. Although we kinda love it, don't splurge on this trend- we don't see it lasting longer than the year.

The Colour Blue

Add a pop of colour to your wardrobe this year with this stunning blue shade.

Moon Boots

Who said winter boots can't be practical and chic? These boots do it all.

Mango Sherpa Coat

This viral TikTok coat is a sophisticated and chic take on a sherpa jacket that we can't get enough of.

What's Out?

Baby Doll Shorts

This may be a personal preference, but these "shorts" are bordering undergarments.

Barbie Pink

Save the pink for Barbie. This year we're wearing neutrals with pops of bright earthy tones (see The Colour Blue above).

Slim Fitting Clothes

It's all about the oversized yet structured looks this year.

Cropped Puffer

2023 is the year of long coats and puffers, we're leaving these behind in 2022.

Longchamp Le Pliage

We don't completely hate this bag but it's time to move on.


Thank you for reading this week's blog post! We can't wait to see what 2023 has in store for Olivia + Laura — stick around to find out!

We will be returning to our usual bi-weekly posts as of now, let us know if there's anything in particular you would like to see from us on Instagram!



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