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2021 Trends We're Bringing Into 2022

In this blog post, Olivia + Laura share the 2021 trends that have made their way into the new year.

Welcome to 2022, everyone! This might be a new year, with a new you but some not-so-new fashion trends have crept their way into the new year.

Want to know which ones? Keep reading to see.


Pointed Toe Bow Heels

The most instragrammable shoe from 2021 is undoubtably making an appearance in 2022. These Mach & Mach Double Bow Pumps are every fashion lovers latest obsession (ours included)! They were designed to make a statement and with a retail price of over a thousand, they do just that. But don’t fret, we found budget friendly dupes from Amazon and Macy’s.

The Colour Green

It’s official, 2021’s biggest colour trend was Kelly Green. A quick scroll on the ‘gram will confirm that with complete kelly-green outfits and ones accented by pops of kelly green (especially in the form of a certain Bottega Veneta accessory). If you don't have a clothing item or accessory in this colour yet, this is your sign!

Sherpa Bucket Hats

This trend is a combination of two already existing trends: sherpa and bucket hats. Perfect for colder months if you live in Canada like we do (or anywhere below 0). Why sacrifice style in winter when you can embrace it and work with it!


It all started with the Aritzia Melina Pants going viral and the rest is history. Another must-have trend from 2021 is leather anything. It may just be trendy at the moment but it’ll always be a staple in our closets. From leather pants to jackets, this trend is perfect for fall/winter fashion every year!

Collared Sweaters

In 2021 we saw the polo trend reintroduce itself into the summer and fall collections. In 2022, this is definitely something we will continue to see, especially with wool shirts. This is not your classic Ralf Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger polo, though. The wool blend tops are reinvented and often don't have buttons. Brands like Banana Republic and Gap are killing this trend, but check out this one from Dynamite for a more affordable option. This trend is the perfect way to elevate your look, especially if you're transitioning from WFH to actually being at the office.

Knit Sets

Thanks to the pandemic, knit sets have taken over. We saw them in 2020, 2021 and we can assure you that you will see them in 2022. The plush and cozy look is the newest addition to the knit set, as seen in Kim Kardashian's Skims loungewear line.

Long Puffer Coats

Back in the day, we wouldn't be caught dead in a long puffer coat; it seems like 2022 is making us regret that choice by making the long puffer THE jacket of the year. If you live in a cold climate, be thankful for this newest trend because you can look practical and dress cute all at once.


We don't even want to know how many times the cutout trend was discussed on the blog. We can't help it that one of the hottest trends of the year has made its way into 2022! We will be seeing this trend bigger and better this year and not only with dresses. We have a feeling that no article of clothing will be spared from the cutouts this year.


Thank you for reading this week's blog post! We hope you loved it and are ready to bring in 2022 with Olivia + Laura!

We will be returning to our usual bi-weekly posts, but if you have any ideas of posts you would like to see be sure to let us know on Instagram @oliviaandlaurablog.



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Oct 20, 2022



Mar 15, 2022

I love all these trends! So cute!

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